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Why Are You Here?

Obviously you feel there is a need for a safe deposit box or you feel that keeping your valuables or important documents at home or in the office is not safe. Most of all, it does not give you that peace of mind. You are vulnerable to all kinds of perils. Your intuition tells you, you need a security box to protect your past, present and future.
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You know the trend of domestic burglaries has been rising sharply and there seems little hope that this situation will improve very much. Home and office safes provide only limited protection, particularly where owners are being forced to open safes under threat of physical violence. The safe deposit box facility provides a convenient method of avoiding the risks and costs of having valuables at home.

Royal Safe - Estb since 2008

We have the perfect choice of boxes for your jewellery, confidential documents, family heirlooms, money (currency & notes), bullion and of course, irreplaceable items. We have 8 box sizes available to serve your needs.


Our state-of-the-art specially designed and constructed storage vaults are among the most secure in the country. We use biometric fingerprint scan technology to ensure fast and highly secure access, 24/7 CCTV surveillance. A 24/7 Central Monitoring System (CMS) is connected to an independent security monitoring agency which is directly linked to a local Police Station, providing complete peace of mind.

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  • PRIVACY – Royal Safe does not ask, use or provide your private data or personal information to anyone apart from information needed to ensure you have the right to access your safe-deposit box.

  • Guaranteed Absolute Confidentiality, Privacy & Security. You and only you have access to your safety deposit box.

  • Purpose Built Vaulting System.

  • Using Reinforced Concrete, BRCs & Steel on all 6 sides, including floor & ceiling.*

  • 14″ Walls all round, 24″ Flooring with 12″ Ceiling (Bomb Proof).*

  • Additional Bunker wall to prevent any possibility of a hand grenade (Bomb) being hurled in.

  • Bullet proof glass for safety of staff (5.56mm calibre ie M16).

  • Independent Clean Dry Agent Fire Fighting System.

  • 5 Interlocking, electronically and manually controlled doors before one can access ones SDB.

  • Dual key/Dual Lock System – Requiring simultaneous insertion of keys by renter & an employee of RSDB to access the SDB.

  • For Safety & Security, our office door is only 10 ft away from the Car Park.

  •   *Many centres falsely claim to have reinforced concrete, steel, reinforcing bars & BRC walls.


    We offer comprehensive insurance for the contents of your box against damage, fire or loss. Each box comes with RM50,000* complimentary liability cover as standard feature. Top up insurance for each box of up to RM5,000,000 is available. We are the only safe deposit box service provider in the country that offers such high coverage. This is the testimony of our strength and our credibility.

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    The insurance Cover takes effect as soon as you register for a safe deposit box.

    *For cover in excess of RM50,000 up to RM5,000,000.00 please contact a member of our sales team at sales@rsdb.com.my or contact our customer services at 012-635 0802.

    The Royal Safe Deposit Box liability cover is underwritten by The Progressive Insurance Berhad (Leader) and MPI Generali Insurans Berhad (Co follower) through our partners State Insurance Brokers. State Insurance Brokers are qualified insurance brokers with a knowledge of the industry and a wide market reach. For more details, please refer to the two page evidence of insurance document provided by our insurance brokers and our terms and conditions. This covers all your valuable items including Jewellery, Watches, Documents, Currency & Coins, Bullion, Antiques and of course Precious Metals.


    Malaysia’s Leading Safe Deposit Box of Choice

    Royal Safe Deposit Boxes (RSDB) is strategically located in the central area of Cosmopolitan Bandar Sunway, a high-end and affluent location in Petaling Jaya. RSDB is the first provider of this security box service in Malaysia. Our vault has thousands of boxes in 8 different sizes ranging from five inch wide and three inch high to sixteen inch wide and sixteen inch high. We have a security box for every need of our clients.


    Your Valuables Are Our Top Priority


    Fully trained on-site close-protection Armed and Static Security Guards Biometrics Access - Finger Print upon main access and before entrance to vault.

  • Fully trained on-site close-protection Armed and Static Security Guards.
  • Biometrics Access - Finger Print upon main access and before entrance to vault
  • Photograph Identification
  • Signature Verification
  • CCTVs
  • Sound and Light Detectors
  • Motion Detectors
  • Wall Guards
  • Embedded Alarm System
  • Spot Lights front and rear
  • External Siren c/w Strobe Light
  • Internal Siren
  • Vibration Sensor
  • Panic Buttons, CMS & 24 Hours World Wide Remote Viewing via Lap Top & Hand Phone
  • Safekeeping

    Our centre has been purpose built to resist fire, flood and every form of modern criminal attack.

    Electronic surveillance and alarm systems are monitored by our fully trained close-protection security personnel 24 hours a day, whilst your valuables are housed within our highly secure reinforced concrete and steel vaults.

    Insurance - Among the most important aspect of a safe deposit box facility

    Free insurance cover of RM50,000.00 per box is provided as a package.

    Should you require additional insurance, we'll be happy to arrange it for you immediately for a small extra charge, thus ensuring maximum savings, security, convenience and peace of mind.


    Maintaining the privacy of our clients is crucial. Your privacy is our top priority and we will not under any circumstances reveal any information of our clients.

    You need never disclose the contents of your box to anyone and viewing of your items can be conducted in complete privacy within our lockable viewing rooms.


    Unlike banks, our service is entirely designed for private safekeeping. We know you may often need access at very short notice, so we are open long after business and banking hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

    Box access is free and unlimited with no queues, waiting or fuss and most of all, in complete privacy.

    Easy Rental

    Renting a Safe Deposit Box couldn't be easier. Just make a short visit to the centre to complete the minimum of formalities at any time during our long opening hours.

    No appointment is necessary and our friendly staff members are always on hand to discuss your particular requirements and needs in complete confidence.

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    We Are Open 7 Days A Week Including All Public Holidays

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    Royal Safe

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