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Hermes Birkin Bag

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Hermes Birkin Bag

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Hermes Birkin Bag


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Can I get a box with my favourite number?
Yes, if we have it. Please let us know the box number you would like to have and we will revert to you to confirm if it is still available. There is only one of every number. To avoid disappointment contact us as soon as possible.

Where are the Safe Deposit Boxes located?
Our Safe Deposit Boxes are located in Royal Safe Deposit Boxes' vault. The vault is a large room where items of value are kept. The vault is specially designed and constructed in accordance to international standards, using reinforced concrete and steel. You can be assured that the contents of your box are safe & secure. It is perhaps the strongest vault in the country.

Why rent a Safe Deposit Box?
Safe Deposit Boxes are ideal for storing valuables. Take a quick inventory of your personal items and ask yourself these questions: Are these items important to me? Would it be difficult or impossible to replace these belongings? Are these items in danger of fire or theft? Is it possible that I could lose or misplace these items? Is there any risk that these items could decay or deteriorate if I fail to protect them? If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, a Safe Deposit Box may be of significant value to you.

What articles should I keep in a Safe Deposit Box?
Whether your items are of purely sentimental importance or of great financial value, a Safe Deposit Box will keep them well-protected. Following is a list of personal, business and financial items that you may consider keeping in a Safe Deposit Box:

Abstracts, Adoption Papers, Agreements, Articles of Partnership, Bank Records, Bills of Sale, Birth Certificates, Blueprints, By-laws, Fixed Deposit Certificates, Charters, Citizenship Papers, Collectable Coins, Contracts, Court Decrees, Deeds, Diaries, Drawings, Family Records, Guarantees, Heirlooms, Historical Records, Important Cancelled Checks, Income Tax Records, Insurance Policies, Inventories (Household or Business), Leases, Legal Documents, Letters, Marriage License(s), Medals, Military Service & Discharge Records, Mortgages, Notes, Passbooks, Passport, Patent Papers, Pension and Profit Sharing Documents, Photographs, Receipts, Retirement Papers. Securities & Stocks, Souvenirs, Special Formulas, Stamp Collections, Surety Bonds, Tax Receipts, Tax Records, Trademark Papers, Trust Papers, Savings Bonds, Warranties & Wills, and many more.

Insurance can reimburse you for loss, but nothing can compensate you for the loss of irreplaceable items that have been destroyed by fire, flood or other disaster.

How does a Safe Deposit Box open?
A Safe Deposit Box cannot be opened (except by force) unless one of your keys and our guard key are both used. Your key opens one set of tumblers; the guard key opens another set of tumblers to release the lock. Neither key by itself can unlock the Safe Deposit Box. This gives you additional assurance as to the privacy and safety of your Safe Deposit Box contents.

Affordable Rental Fee
A Safe Deposit Box in the vault of Royal Safe Deposit Boxes is a truly safe place for your valuables. For a very small annual rental fee, you can enjoy the safety and security of a Royal Safe Deposit Box. If you ever need your valued possessions, you know they will always be there.

That kind of peace of mind is worth the cost of a few dollars for your own personal Safe Deposit Box.

Safe Deposit Boxes: Affordable Peace of Mind
The old cliché "a place for everything, and everything in its place" makes more sense than most people realize. An old cigar box may be the ideal place for a child to store a rock collection, and the top drawer of the desk in your den is just fine as a place to keep your monthly bills as they come in. But when it comes to more important items (stock and bond certificates, a copy of your will or fine jewelry) you need a secure storage place that will save you from worry, not a biscuit tin under the bed.

That's where a Safe Deposit Box can help. Safe Deposit Boxes are designed to give you a safe place to store your valuables, along with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that these items are secure.