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Your home safe is only safe when you are not home and is not at all safe when you are in!

Are Safe Deposit Boxes protected from fire, flood or other disasters?
Safe Deposit Boxes and the vault that houses the boxes are highly resistant to fire, flood, heat, earthquakes, explosions or other disastrous conditions.

Are there extra precautions I can take to minimize damage?
Yes. Prevent damage by water by sealing items in airtight, zip-lock bags or Tupperware-style containers. Also, put your name on each item, keep a list of the box's contents, make copies of important documents and even take photos of your most prized items left in the Safe Deposit Box. That way, if a disaster occurs, your chances of successfully identifying, claiming or recovering an item would be increased.

Can thieves rob a Safe Deposit Box?
Yes, it happens, but fortunately not often. Royal Safe Deposit Boxes are stored in reinforced concrete/steel vaults equipped with sophisticated alarms, locks, video cameras, motion sensors, and other security devices. We also have very strict access procedures, among them: verifying signatures, biometric finger print reading, photo verification, restricting access to the vault, limiting one's time inside the vault, and requiring two different keys (one being our "guard key") to open a Safe Deposit Box. We have 24/7 security guards, armed for your security and protection

Is there a Condition Precedent for hiring a box?
No. Unlike all banks which require you to maintain an account with the Bank, enrol as the banks credit card holder or use at least one of the bank's products as a condition precedent for the hiring of a Safe Deposit Box, at Royal Safe Deposit Boxes no such condition is imposed. Some banks may even require a prospective renter to maintain a certain amount in Fixed Deposit before one can even be eligible to rent a Safe Deposit Box. In Singapore it is mandatory to have a minimum of S$5K as Fixed Deposit in the bank before you can even be placed on the waiting list.

Are your valuables in the bank's Safe Deposit Boxes insured?
No, they are NOT! But many people mistakenly believe that even if the worst happens, their property has the extra protection of the bank's insurance.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.'s RM240,000 guarantee, however, DOES NOT extend to Safe Deposit Boxes. And, to many homeowners' chagrin, their personal policies may not cut it, either.

What about RSDB, are your valuables kept in RSDB insured?

Yes. We insure all your items to a maximum of RM100,000.00 per box.
For any amount more than RM100K and terms & conditions please contact us.

Why do Royal Safe Deposit Boxes uses boxes (Inner Box) inside the Safety Deposit Boxes?
All our safety deposit boxes use an inside box (Inner Box). This is for three reasons;

1) To protect the client's privacy, as he can take the Inner Box out of the locked safety box and bring it to a private room where only he can see what goes inside.

2) To take full advantage of the safety deposit box's size. It is much easier to take out the box that occupies the full volume of the space rented by the hirer and easily access its content.

3) In case of death or technical repairs, RSDB can ask its own locksmith to drill a box and have a Lawyer or Notary be present to put a sealed security chain/ribbon around the box to guarantee that the box contents will be untouched and kept private from all but the client.

Finally, if you do decide a Safe Deposit Box is your best security move, don't skip common-sense protection steps. Store documents within airtight, zip-lock or Tupperware-style containers inside the box. Stash copies of important documents in a separate location and photograph the vault's contents.

Anything you do to increase chances of successfully identifying, claiming or recovering an item is worth the effort.

If you decide to install your own safe in your house or office, the question we would like to ask is;

"Are the items safe in your home/office safe?"

We would say "The items or your valuables in your home/office safe are only safe when you or NO ONE is in the house or office.

Why? If the safe is embed into the wall the intruder may not be able to break into the safe or may not be able to cart it away if you are not home. However if someone is in the house/office, from experience we know most victims will be forced to open the safe at gun or knife point, rendering the safe NOT SAFE when ones at home.

Visit us to view our facility and see for yourself. You are free to talk with us in complete privacy and confidence.