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Royal Safe Deposit Boxes Advisory for our Discerning Clients

What Items should go into a Safe Deposit Box?
Any personal items that would cause you to say, "If I lose this, I am in deep trouble." Important papers to consider putting into your Safe Deposit Box: originals of your Insurance Policies; Family Records such as Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates; original Deeds, Titles, Mortgages, Leases and other contracts; Stocks, Bonds and Fixed Deposit Certificates (FD Certs). Other valuables worthy of a spot in your Safe Deposit Box include special Jewels, Medals, Rare Stamps and other collectibles, Negatives of Irreplaceable Photos, and Videos or Pictures of your home's Contents for Insurance purposes (in case of theft, fire or any other damage).

Passports are one of the most sought-after document by illegal immigrants. A Malaysian passport can fetch about RM50,000 to RM60,000 in the black market. Getting a replacement is also very tedious..
  • Architects and Engineers may want to safe keep their drawings, plans etc. Software engineers and other professionals would want to keep their or their client's confidential files and CDs.
  • Lawyers may want to safe keep Highly Confidential Files & Documents, Evidence, Exhibits etc.
  • Businessmen may want to keep Confidential Files, Documents, Company Records, Agreements, Records of important meetings.
  • Individuals and those who deal in Gold Bullion, Gold Coins, Gold Dinars, Gold Biscuits etc.
Experience shows thieves would ransack every nook and corner of the house, as such, keeping such attractive items which may be your entire life's savings or investment in panties, bras, socks, onion baskets, the fridge and grand ma's medicine box is not the best of places these days.

As much as one can think of a safe place likewise thieves also would look for these items in the most unimaginable places.

....................and the list goes on.

Why rent a Safe Deposit Box?
Safe Deposit Boxes are ideal for storing valuables. Take a quick inventory of your personal items and ask yourself these questions: Are these items important to me? Would it be difficult or impossible to replace these belongings? Are these items in danger of fire or theft? Is it possible that I could lose or misplace these items? Is there any risk that these items could decay or deteriorate if I fail to protect them? If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, a Safe Deposit Box may be of significant value to you.

What other articles should I keep in a Safe Deposit Box?
Whether your items are of purely sentimental importance or of great financial value, a Safe Deposit Box will keep them well-protected. Following is a list of personal, business and financial items that you may consider keeping in a Safe Deposit Box: Abstracts, Adoption Papers, Agreements, Articles of Partnership, Bank Records, Bills of Sale, Birth Certificates, Blueprints, By-laws, Certificates of Deposit, Charters, Citizenship Papers, Collectable Coins, Contracts, Court Decrees, Deeds, Diaries, Drawings, Family Records, Guarantees, Heirlooms, Historical Records, Important Cancelled Checks, Income Tax Records, Insurance Policies, Inventories (Household or Business), Leases, Legal Documents, Letters, Marriage License(s), Medals, Military Service & Discharge Records, Mortgages, Notes, Passbooks, Passport, Patent Papers, Pension and Profit Sharing Documents, Photographs, Receipts, Retirement Papers. Securities & Stocks, Souvenirs, Special Formulas, Stamp Collections, Surety Bonds, Tax Receipts, Tax Records, Trademark Papers, Trust Papers, Savings Bonds, Warranties & Wills, and many more. Insurance can reimburse you for loss, but nothing can compensate you for the loss of irreplaceable items that have been destroyed by fire, flood or any other disaster.


Are there extra precautions I can take to minimize damage?

  • Prevent damage by water by sealing items in airtight, zip-lock bags or Tupperware-style containers.
  • Write your name on each item.
  • Keep a list of the box's contents i.e. have a clear list of everything that you keep in the box.
  • Make copies of important documents.
  • Take photos of your most prized items left in the Safe Deposit Box.
  • Keep original copies of purchase receipts or invoices.
  • Valuation reports of items passed down as heirlooms.
  • For items such as Gold Bullion, Gold Bars, Gold Coins, Gold Dinars, Gold Biscuits, expensive Jewelry & Watches etc, as these items are expensive and always sold with proper receipts it is mandatory to produce proof of purchase.

  • In an unlikely event of a claim, it would be mandatory to produce proof of purchase for any item purchased after one has hired a Safe Deposit Box. Therefore clients are required to keep these receipts/invoices properly. Anything you do to increase chances of successfully identifying, claiming or recovering an item is worth the effort. That way, if a disaster occurs, your chances of successfully identifying, claiming or recovering an item would be increased.


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